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Nov. 15th, 2006

Till Lindemann, Rammstein


Keeping up a journal is definitely NOT my thing. I should admit it and move forward, but it seems I'm too stubborn for that. So I keep trying, no matter if I post once a semester or something. It's not that I don't like to write, I love to... but I don't feel like giving out details of what I do most of the time. And besides, no matter how much I've improved in the last two/three years, I still do lots of mistakes all the time when writing in English. Which is frustrating, mind you - because I usually don't admit it, but I'm such a grammar bitch, and knowing that I'm writing so poorly because my grammar skills and my vocabulary are, after all, limited makes me feel stupid. When I shouldn't, because my English level is good enough considering I took my last English classes in high school and I've been learning on my own since then, but still. I'm Virgo, I'm supposed to be bitchy about every detail a perfectionist, I can't help but wanting to keep everything under control whenever I can XD

Anyway. Work is going great, the Bruce Springsteen concert was plain AWESOME... I can't believe I didn't even mention that Pet Shop Boys came to Barcelona last September and I got tickets to see them too. Now this was GREAT, seeing them live for first time in my life (I love them since I was NINE, for heaven's sake). And they played RENT! I think I can die now. I was in first row, and when Neil sat down to play Home and Dry with the guitar he was like two meters awy from me, and when I was trying to take a picture of him he looked down, smiled and winked at us. I sound like a teen fangirl, but OH MY GOD. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Neil Tennant? <3 You should have seen him up there... although most of the show dancing is done by the dancers themselves, I swear he moves SO good for his age. Really *grins*

Bruce concert was very different, for a start because we didn't even have standing tickets, we were up at the stands. Different style of music, much bigger show - but we had such a great time :D It really felt like a huge party - a very special party, since Bruce has always had this thing for Barcelona, both the city itself and the audience; and the feeling is mutual, because people adores him, something which obviously gets reflected in the show. He even played a song specially for us! Best moment was probably during Pay me my money down: listening 18000 people singing the chorus one and again, all together as one same voice... *_* I can't wait for him to be back on tour, and I swear next time I'll take standing tickets. Specially because from what I know, next tour will be with the whole E-Street band again, and I'm SO NOT missing my chance of being near all of them :D

Apart from that, a couple of weeks ago was the Barcelona manga con, but there's nothing really interesting to say about it... well, I saw Akira Kushida live singing Honoo no Kinnikuman, I NEVER thought I would get to see that XDDD For all the non-Kinnikuman-dorks here (... all of you, most likely), Akira Kushida is the voice actor of Kinnikuman, the main character himself, as well as the singer of most the music themes in the Kinnikuman anime series. He came as a guest because the Kinnikuman manga has been released this month... something I swear I still can't believe it's true either XD Now I'll FINALLY be able to do something more with Kinnikuman manga volumes, other than looking at the pictures. Besides, I got a great Kinnikuman badge for free when buying volume one ;) Other than that, I got the first FMA volume (finally released here, yay!), completed FAKE, got a couple of postcard books of Blade of the Immortal (*drools*) and with Rick (my boyfriend) the BotI poster we always said we wanted for our future house, this one. I'm so surprised I didn't get any keychain or plushie, this is the first year I haven't... I don't know if I'm getting old, or if the merchandising is getting uglier every year, or if there's almost nothing about the series I like the most, or if I currently have more or less everything I wanted. All at once, I guess.

And Rammstein are releasing their new live DVD this Friday... I preordered the limited edition, including a large live photobook in which any of us could appear (because we were in first row two times last tour!), through Amazon.de (using common sense and intutition for everything, my German knowledge is still very, VERY limited). I should get it anytime next week, if everything's good *bites nails*

And by the way, the incoherence between my post title and my mood is definitely on purpose and definitely an irony. I feel awake, yet my body insists on being sleepy. The incoherence queen - that's me.

Aug. 7th, 2006

Till Lindemann, Rammstein

And "the 2006 concert" goes to... *drumroll*

Some months ago, Rick (my boyfriend - I think it could be pretty much a given, but just in case ^^;) told me that we should try to attend some kind of concert this year. We've attended four concerts since we're together, three in the last two years (Rammstein in 2004, again Rammstein in 2005, and Bruce Springsteen in 2005 during his Devils and Dust tour) and one back in 2001, Rammstein again (we're so original, I know, but hey - it's our fav band). Now that we've been more than a year without going to any I really feel like something is missing, so I told him I would try to find out who would be touring this year and would also come to Barcelona.

And I must say I missed Depeche Mode, I missed Red Hot Chili Peppers (*cries*) and Pet Shop Boys have been in Spain recently but too far away for me to go D: Buuuut...

... a couple weeks ago we got our tickets for Bruce Springsteen & the Seeger Sessions Band <333 Barcelona, October 24. Tuesday.

No, I'm not really original, but what can I say? I adore Bruce. And so does my mother - we got three tickets and not two as a belated birthday present for her, and I think it's a miracle she didn't die of shock XDDD Rick even downloaded a special concert the BBC recorded and aired back in May (this one), and although our concert will be very different (because we will be 18000 people O___o), it's good to have an idea of how the songs sound live. And after watching it, I honestly can't wait :D

So, uhm, I was just searching for something in my too-messy closet, I've opened the box where I'm keeping the tickets, and I've realized I didn't post it here... and I had to *fangirl squeal*

... and I should check if I've got a fever or what, I've posted twice in a week o_o

Aug. 2nd, 2006

Till Lindemann, Rammstein

Random news and thoughts from hell (more or less)

I think I didn't mention I finally got a job. In a design studio :D For a start, I was supposed to be a freelance web developer who could cooperate with them from time to time in all the web projects they could get... but due to certain circumstances, and specially because they seem to be really pleased with my job so far, they've asked me if I would be interested in being part of their team - in other words, they've offered me a steady job. And now it's official, although I still haven't signed any contract - but that's only because everyone is on vacation and they can't do all the paperwork right now. It will have to wait until late August, and then I'll start working in middle September... part-time at first, and most likely full-time in a near future. And you know what? I'm SO happy. I've gone through a real nightmare to find a decent job, and in the end it's been worth it. Or so it seems. My boss and coworkers are all really nice, and the job is exactly what I hoped I could find some day... webdesign and development is my passion, and I know that not everyone is lucky enough to work in what they love. So in a way, I know I'm a privileged person ^^;

Anyway, because I know my life will change a lot in the upcoming months... I really have to take a look to my current personal/fandom projects and try to sort out my priorities. I'm trying to write down a list detailing everything I should do with my (forever delayed) fansite projects and personal/somehow artistic upcoming websites... because I will not have time to do everything I had planned, that's for sure - but also because I think my interests have changed a bit, and in a way I feel less motivated to work in certain things. I also would like to cut down and give away some fanlistings... not as many as I probably should, but a few of them. Due to some things that happened quite recently, I decided that

a) I probably will NEVER apply for any more fanlistings (I could change my mind, but most likely I won't). Don't ask me why. I have my own reasons.
b) I don't have to give away fanlistings just because I feel "bad" for owning them. If I know I love the subject, there's no point in trying to find them a new home just because I'm afraid some people could think I'm a fandom-hogger or a fanlistings collector... I mean, there always will be someone saying crap about you no matter what you do, so stick to what you think is right and to hell with them. Honestly. That will be my motto from now on, at least concerning fanlistings - I'm tired of seeing people saying terrible things about fellow fanlisting owners just because they're clearly jealous of them. In a way, some people in the fanlistings world scare me to death. They're only websites, dammit. About things you adore, sure - but they're NOT a matter of life and death.

So while I dance of joy for the job news and I decide what the heck I will do with my gazillion 'under construction' web projects, I'll try to stay sane despite the hell of Summer we're having here in Spain... I honestly don't remember the last time it rained in my city D:

P.S.: I've decided to bring back to life my icons journal, mortanius. I'm currently working in two icon challenges that are taking up most of my time, CSI-related and Silent Hill-related - but I hope I'll make icons about other things anytime soon. Feel free to add me if you want :D

May. 10th, 2006

Pin me down, Sara, GSR, Grissom, CSI

(no subject)

Holy shi... I haven't updated this journal in THAT long?!

Ah, all those drafts saved in several txt files (and lost and forgotten somewhere in the chaotic depths of my hard drive) that I never finished and never uploaded...

If this makes you feel better, my English-speaking friends, I've barely updated my other journal either. Well, I have - but not as often as I should, specially considering Spanish is my mothertongue and I shouldn't have any problems with it at all. Not that I have many problems with English either (not with the basics at least), but there's always a big difference between your mothertongue and any second language, you know what I mean. The fact I haven't written as often as I should doesn't have anything to do with that, though; in one hand, it's been due to lazyness... but also because last year was not a very good one for me. I had a great experience back in February going to Paris and all (February 11 2005, I'll always remember that day <3), but overall the year wasn't really good. And most of the time I wasn't in the mood to do anything at all, even less sharing my life details with anyone else. But lately my life's getting better by the second or so it seems (maybe it's just me and my positive attitude, but hey), so well, maybe I'm getting over my blogging-block at last. It was about time.

The first thing I should do is take off the old icons in this account, snatch a few from some communities or make my own, and for heaven's sake, change the layout *and* update my userinfo. This place looks so old and dead it gives me the chills D:

But for the time being, I wanted to let you know that I'm alive *waves*

Jan. 5th, 2005

Pin me down, Sara, GSR, Grissom, CSI

... no title O_o

First of all - Happy New Year, everyone! ^^

I basically wanted to post something to let you know I'm still alive. It's been a long, LONG time since the last time I posted here... actually, I feel like I've been months and months without having a "normal" online life... but is how it works after all... when real life calls, online life suffers. And for different reasons, I've been so, *so* out since... half October more or less (at least, I can tell you it hasn't been because of bad things, everything's fine... I guess ^^;). I can't believe I haven't touched some of my sites since November :/ Besides, some time before howlingmoon switched servers (because yes, my domain has switched servers at last ;P) my e-mail accounts started going mad and, from what I've got to know... I lost a lot of messages during that period, and some people never received my e-mails as well T_T; I still don't know why, but at least everything is working now *hugs her new reseller account* So if someone tried to contact me and didn't get any response... sorry, but is because I never got their messages :(

One of my New Year Resolutions (I still have to write them in a list, and this year I WILL do it, I swear!) is blogging more often. In all my journals, but specially in this one because it obviously needs it. I started it one year ago and I think I've written less than 10 posts... *blushes*

And, a message to everyone who may want to kill me right now (*cough* Saturn and WR message boards' people *cough* Samuel *cough*), I will do something about you-know-what as soon as I can get to it. I swear I have no time... and too much things on my "things to do" list -_-;;

Oct. 6th, 2004

Pin me down, Sara, GSR, Grissom, CSI

The mysterious birthday present....

I've been sick since Sunday, but I'm feeling better today - at least, it seems I have no fever now, and that's good. I'm more... awake (I've been completely lethargic for two days XD), so I thought about posting a couple of pics here.

Everyone who reads me too in gingetsu will know that I was biting my nails waiting for a mysterious present from my boyfriend, that he had got from some online store. Some days ago he received the package, so I *finally* could see what it was. The only thing I knew is that was something game-related.
Still more plushies for my room! XDCollapse )

Jun. 17th, 2004

Pin me down, Sara, GSR, Grissom, CSI

Websites ramblings. As always. But also PoA ramblings... :D

I *do* need to take care of this journal. Now I look at it and I just think it's so crappy, so lonely... just like my domain main page, where I placed yesterday a nice hiatus pic. You could think I love putting my sites on hiatus, I guess. Well, I hate it. But it's just something that must be done when you're not spending enough time working in them, and you know that they need a revamp because you've been so careless with them that they're just dead now. And you feel like you must start everything again.

I closed Otherworld last September (or it was October? I can't remember now...) promising I would open it again in two months or so. Guess what? It's still on hiatus. Great. But lately I'm too lazy to post anything, and when I feel like I want to write something I use gingetsu, and I think is enough. I've already said that before, yep. But what I mean now is... if I have a fanlistings collective, and almost all my sites are fanlistings... and a blog in the howlingmoon.net/otherworld directory... what the hell can I make with the domain main page? Every time I think about it, I get a headache... I honestly have no idea, considering I plan to upload some of my artwork (¿?) some day, but that I have already thought of a place for that. I still don't know what I'll do... and while I think, I've closed everything. Everything, but my fanlistings and livejournals. And now I come here to post some random thoughts and I see I still haven't made a layout for this journal... and this makes me feel even worse >_<

At least I can talk about a good thing: I've already seen the PoA movie... it will be on theatres this friday, but I told thorbardin to search for a screener and he found it. And he downloaded it, and we saw it last Saturday night. Quite good quality to be a screener, actually.

And these are, more or less, my random thoughts about the movie...Collapse )

Jun. 4th, 2004

Pin me down, Sara, GSR, Grissom, CSI

ARGH >_<

It just happens to me, or everyone with a contact form clearly visible in his/her website gets often a lot of silly/empty e-mails, because people have nothing better to do than writing the first stupid thing that comes to their minds and hit the "send" button - or hit the "send" button without writing a single word at all?

Becuase it's starting to annoy me >___< UGH!!!

May. 12th, 2004

Pin me down, Sara, GSR, Grissom, CSI

Yup yup yup

I've created a board for my Wolf's Rain fanlisting. Since it's been showed on TV in the US, I'm getting a bunch of new members every day... so I guess it was needed ^^U Anyway, it seems people is too shy (or too lazy, LOL) to join and post by now... I'll have to do some shameless promotion I suppose ;)

Last saturday I went with my friends to the 22nd Comic Convention in Barcelona. I've been going there every year since 1998... the Manga convention in October is a lot more fun, because of the karaoke and the cosplay (and the stands have more interesting merchandising *drool*), but the comic one is fine too, specially if you spend the day with friends from other places that you see once a month or even less.

Finally I had more money than I thought so I could buy some interesting things, like one of the Weiss Kreuz art books (oh, I MUST scan some pics) the first volume of the Cowboy Bebop manga (yay!) or the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack (and now I have the three of them at last ^______^). I also have two little figures of Vivi and Cloud... thanks to a new collection of Final Fantasy trading arts. Yes, you've read it well: the figures are in a locked box so you don't know exactly what you've bought until you open it... the first time I got a Yuna, though I traded it for Vivi (the girl who got him seemed a lot depressed... and I just love the little black mage, so ^______________^). The second time I got Cloud... though I wanted a Lulu *cries* I guess I can't complain about it anyway, I bet Cloud is one of the most desired ones - besides Sephiroth, of course. hannonle, ivoryvampire and nuriwan, seeing me so excited, decided to try as well and we ended buying 7 or 8 figures in 20 minutes ^^;;

I've created with kamapon a community for Wolf's Rain fanarts... I still have to change the layout and promote the site *sigh* Forgive me dear, I'm having quite bad days since last week (mainly because I'm a little busy and I'm SO tired *yawn*). If I can't draw a decent-looking fanart of the four puppies tomorrow, I'll leave the community without a layout for the moment and we'll add a good one later... unless you have a better idea ^^;

Apr. 23rd, 2004

Pin me down, Sara, GSR, Grissom, CSI


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